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About Me

Ian’s story starts in Collie , Western Australia.

Ian is an only child.

The date was 15th of August 1976. It was two weeks before Ian’s 10th birthday and he was playing with friends when the local Doctor told Ian his mother was waiting for him at the hospital, and could he go with the Doctor to meet his mother.
When Ian arrived at the hospital he found his mother in tears at his father’s side. Ian’s father had passed away from a combination of heart failure and a lung related disease.

Ian finished his primary schooling in Collie and then moved to Bunbury with his mother, as it was felt at that time there will be more opportunities for this small family. Ian attended high school in Bunbury, and it was during those years that Ian decided to seek the knowledge to achieve a successful future.

When Ian’s father passed away, little money or assets were left to the family.

The following years were difficult and required Ian’s mother to work long hours to survive. Ian did not experience the events or possessions in a child’s life that we may consider normal – such as going away for holidays, having in-fashion clothes or having a colour television.

Throughout this period of struggle, Ian’s mother would often say to him ‘ you can achieve anything you want, you have even be the Prime Minister one-day”. It was these words that created a dream, a passion and a hunger for a better life!

When Ian finished high school he was unsure of what direction to take in life. Ian started work at a local factory when 19 years old. Ian kept $10 a week from his weekly wage to buy fuel to get to work, and gave the remainder of his wages to his mother to pay off the mortgage on the family home. The mortgage was fully repaid in a little over 3 years.

Ian’s quest for a better life led to Ian constantly researching various asset classes and the benefits and disadvantages of owning these assets. Ian’s goal was to one day be in a comfortable financial position for the benefit of himself and his future family. Ian’s choice was Real Estate. Most people who have achieved wealth have done so from Real Estate or invest their funds into Real Estate.

Ian thinks Real Estate is a good asset class to invest in because you can borrow money at reasonable rates to purchase it, the value of Real Estate generally increases, you can borrow against the equity in you Real Estate to buy other things and you don’t have to sell your Real Estate to make money from it!  These are only a few of the many advantages of investing in Real Estate.

Ian continued to study and buy Real Estate. It was during the inspection of one of Ian’s properties that he met Sarah Glassford. Ian married Sarah several years later. Sarah is now an “Upton”.

Ian has purchased Residential and Commercial Real Estate for many years. Ian has seen the boom and not so boom times and understands the Real Estate Cycle.

Ian has worked, studied and become friends with many “Real Estate Experts” to maintain the skills required to in this modern day Real Estate market. These experts include best selling authors Michael Yardney and Raymond Aaron. Tuition by George Ross (the architect of Donald Trumps Real Estate Deals) and a tour of Trump’s many fine buildings in New York was an exceptional experience.

Ian has used Real Estate to achieve his goals in life. These goals are NOT only about $$$. These goals are about having More Options in Life! Your options may be to go on more regular holidays, spend more time at home with your family, give your children a better education or go back to part-time study. What are Your goals and dreams?

Ian loves everything about Real Estate. Ian is excited every time he visits a different property! Anyone who has ever spoken to Ian knows how passionate he is about Real Estate.

Today Ian is excited about helping his friends/clients (Ian thinks of them the same) achieve their Real Estate Dreams.

For personalised service and information, please contact Ian today for a friendly and no-pressure chat.

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