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When buying and selling Real Estate, you may need to borrow some funds (money) to assist with the purchase. Another way to expess this is “you need finance”.

The best way to do the really important things like buying or selling Real Estate (the biggest transactions in your life) is to leave it to the experts.

Experts can do their particular job better and faster. Experts keep us protected, save us much time, money and allow us to still enjoy our lives with our family and friends.

An expert in providing finance is called a Mortgage Broker. I know a Mortgage Broker that can get finance for you in less time and at a better rate than you could yourself.

If you need finance OR want to know how much you can borrow, so I can find a suitable property for you to buy, please contact me for a confidential chat.

For personalised service and information, please contact Ian today for a friendly and no-pressure chat.