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Investment Real Estate Made Easy

Investing in real estate is the most secure and financially rewarding investments that I have found. I can make the process of Buying and Managing your Investment Property easy for You.


Do you know why some investment property owners (maybe even yourself or someone you know) are tempted to manage the property themselves or complain that the property in causing stress in their life and is not a good investment.


Because they did not receive or did not follow good information from someone with Experience and Knowledge. (I have 25 years of experience and knowledge of being an Investment Property Owner).


Some Real Estate Investors think that everything is fine UNTIL something goes wrong. By that time it is ususally too late costing them much money and adding much stress to their lives and also to their families lives!

I don’t want this to happen to You!

Owning an Investment property should be a passive and positive experience that takes little of your time. If you or someone else you know are having another type of experience, then call me now so I can help.

The smartest way to learn is from someone else’s Experience and Knowledge!

Before you choose an Agent to assist you with the purchase of your next Real Estate Investment property, ask them what is their personal experience in Real Estate investing.

 I have been investing in Real Estate for over 25 years. I will Freely share my Knowledge and Experience with you.

Choosing an Investment Property to buy that will suit your individual needs requires experience.

Myself and Harcourts have the experience to assist you with all your Property Investment requirements and questions.

There are many things to consider BEFORE you Buy your investment property.

  • What type of investor are You
  • Your time frame and goals
  • Motivation of the Seller
  • Your Skills
  • Rentability
  • Demographics
  • Surrounding infrastructure
  • Purchase Price
  • Holding Costs
  • Maintenance
  • Development Potential
  • Features
  • Depreciation potential
  • Your own personal financial situation
  • Location
  • Property Type
  • Your Comfort Zone
  • Position on the Real Estate Market Clock


After you have Purchased your Investment Property you need to decide;

  • How to find a tenant
  • What criteria to use to select a suitable tenant
  • Manage yourself or through an Agent
  • What type of insurance is required to protect you and your other assets (Did you know that “normal” insurance may not cover you for many things such as damage to your property by the tenant)
  • Legal requirements and obligations
  • What happens if rent is not paid
  • How to protect yourself financially against tenant damage to the property
  • How to still enjoy life with your family and friends
  • How to purchase even more investment properties to improve the life and the life of You and Your Family.

How to choose buy and manage an investment property
For personalised service and information, please contact Ian today for a friendly and no-pressure chat.