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Your Biggest Decision!

The are 3 ways you can do something.

The Easy Way – Learn from Other Peoples Mistakes
The Difficult Way – Learn from Your Own Mistakes
The Crazy Way – Never Learn at All

Which way will You choose to protect Your Most Expensive Asset and Your Family?

Some people select a Real Estate Agent from their sporting or social club, from a photo in the newspaper, statistics about the Agent and others keep using the same person they used previously.

The truth is, when choosing an Agent, you have to decide how much information and experience they can provide to you and the strength of their Team and their Real Estate Company.

The Information and Experience
Text book knowledge will never beat experience.

The information you receive should be from someone who has the firsthand experience of buying and selling. That person will then have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your Real Estate goals.
To Discover the experience and the information Ian Upton’ can provide to you, please Click Here (Foqrul – link to Ian Upton Advantage for You webpage)

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The Team and Real Estate Company
The Proven way to achieve a successful and stress free outcome from Selling or Buying Real Estate is to have a Strong and Skilled Real Estate Team.

I am proud and privileged to be able to use the Harcourts strength, knowledge and technology to put my clients needs way ahead of others in the market!

To see why you need Harcourts and these skills to avoid the Real Estate Traps, please Click Here.

For personalised service and information, please contact Ian today for a friendly and no-pressure chat.